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Continuing Education

The Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) requires that all active licensees licensed after January 1, 1980, must complete at least thirty six (36) hours of approved continuing education course work during each four year renewal period to meet the Continuing Education requirements.

***Continuing education hours will be reported electronically to GREC within 2 business days of course completion.**

Georgia Real Estate License Law Core Course – $25.00

*This course fulfills the mandatory GREC License Law Continuing Education Course *

This 3-hour course is Georgia specific and breaks down rules, regulations and laws regarding the practice of real estate into simple, easy-to-understand content helping students to better understand and stay within the boundaries of the Georgia state laws.

Topics include:

  • The effects on license status by a licensee of prohibited conduct
  • Transfer of a license from one firm to another
  • Requirements concerning trust or escrow accounts
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Brokerage relationships
  • Management responsibilities of real estate firms
  • Requirements for advertising
  • Handling real estate transactions
  • Licensees acting as principals

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Ethics in Real Estate – $25.00

**This course fulfills the mandatory National Association of Realtors (NAR) Ethics Renewal Training Requirements**

This course reviews the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics and fulfills the mandatory NAR Ethics Renewal Training requirement. Complete with case studies and various scenarios, students will enjoy a better understanding of what is and is not ethical for real estate professionals. Highlights include decision-making exercises designed for an in-depth understanding of application is daily real estate practice.

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Individual CE Courses - Group 1

Three CE Credit Hours Courses

Check It Out – Home Inspection in Real Estate Practice – $25.00

This course answers all questions and more about the home inspection process. The student’s understanding of the home inspection process will make sure closings go smoothly.

Environmental Hazards Disclosure – $25.00

This course provides an overview of the regulations, standards and legal rules in real estate for property disclosure. Specifically covered in detail are lead, mold, methamphetamine labs, asbestos, radon, and other environmental hazards

Ethics in Real Estate – $25.00

This course reviews the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics and fulfills the mandatory NAR Ethics Renewal Training requirement. Complete with case studies and various scenarios, students will enjoy a better understanding of what is and is not ethical for real estate professionals. Highlights include decision-making exercises designed for an in-depth understanding of application is daily real estate practice.

Federal Law and Commercial Real Estate – $25.00

This course answers that by covering commercial transactions. the ownership of commercial real estate and other federal laws that real estate agencies are required to abide by. Topics included are tenancy, foreclosures, contracts, easements, deeds, agency, zoning, estates, liens, restrictions, court decisions and title transfers. This is a perfect elective for those who are looking to gain a better insight into the world of commercial real estate.

Green Home Features – $25.00

Students will gain insight into different features included in green design. Highlights include water and energy efficiency, appliances, methods of controlling heat loss, how to conserve energy in a home, lighting and renewable energy.

Prequalifying Your Buyer in Today’s Market – $25.00

This course provides an overview of real estate financing, and describes the different types of loans and loan programs as well as lending sources. Students will learn how to calculate debt ratios and use loan factors to complete mathematical calculations related to mortgage loans. Students will also estimate closing costs for different types of loans. The instruction is followed with a scenario for which the student will do the prequalifying computations and complete a loan comparison worksheet for the buyers in the scenario.

Principles of Commercial Real Estate – $25.00

A high-level view of commercial real estate. This course examines various types of commercial real estate including retail space, storage facilities and office space. Additional highlights include land development, site selection, industrial real estate brokerage and how both local and regional labor markets can have an effect on commercial real estate.

Short Sales and Foreclosures – $25.00

This course is an overview of short sale transactions, alternatives to short sales, how short sales affect buyers, lenders and sellers, the Home Affordable Modification Program (both HAMP Tier 1 and 2 are included) and the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA II/Short Sale). Highlights include defining what a licensee’s role is in a short sale and how to put together the packet needed in a short sale for a lender. Additional topics include how the MARS Rule affects real estate licensees who are working with a client on a short sale, tenant rights in relation to a short sale and also the kinds of lender fraud that licensees should be on the lookout for during the process of a short sale.

Tax Free Exchanges – $25.00

This course is an excellent introduction to the implications of tax free exchanges for investment properties in residential real estate. Learn what is required to qualify for a tax free exchange, what different kinds of exchanges are available and also various ways that the tile can be transferred for teh purpose of an exchange.

Using the Internet in Your Real Estate Practice: An Introduction – $25.00

Use of the internet touches almost every aspect of real estate in today’s world. Is your brokerage up-to-date on how the internet can help and impact your business? This course is an introduction to using the internet in your real estate practice. Learn how the internet can be used for business including: listing properties, developing leads, marketing, advertising and utilizing an array of great resources.

Minimizing Risk with Effective Practices – Price $25.00

There is no question about it: In today’s real estate environment, knowing how to avoid legal problems is essential. This must have course provides an overview on how to minimize your liability. You will learn about the importance of establishing agency policies, developing effective marketing and advertising practices, effective anti-discrimination practices plus how to reduce your risk by maintaining proper records. Stay out of legal hot water!

Technology Trends in Real Estate – $25.00

This course covers technology trends that can help real estate professionals to perform more effectively and efficiently. This course presents video examples to help explain and illustrate key topics.

Qualifying Your Buyer Under New Regulations – $19.00 

This must have course addresses the fundamental role of real estate agents in the mortgage lending process. With so many changes affecting the ability of potential home buyers to obtain loans, it is imperative for real estate agents to understand the complexities of today’s market. This course discusses hoe to qualify buyers, as well as the pitfalls to avoid in the process. The qualified mortgage (QM) and ability to repay (ATR) rules are also covered, with an in-depth look at how they affect real estate transactions, real estate agents and clients. Stay ahead of the curve with this dynamic course! 

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Four CE Credit Hours Courses

Introduction to Brokerage Management – $29.99

Course Description: Are you ready to take on the leading role as a managing broker? In today’s results-focused workplace, you need a solid understanding of management functions, the importance of strategic thinking and how to analyze the financial condition of the company. If you want to build your leadership role and lead your company to a winning performance, this groundbreaking course is for you!

Professional Property Management – $29.99

Professional property managers attempt to balance the needs of property owners with the needs of tenants. To accomplish this, professional property managers need to understand elements of leasing, rent collection, market dynamics, resident retention and building maintenance functions. You will explore these topics for both residential and commercial property management.

Safety First: Crime Prevention and Self-Defense for Real Estate Pros – $29.99

The course covers methods for crime prevention and self-defense for real estate agents. Topics include real risks. prevention of risks in the real estate profession, virtual risks and their prevention, violence mitigation strategies, self-defense tactics, self-defense tools, and real crime stories with analysis.

Ethics: Pricing, Offers and Advertising – $29.99

This course follows the mandated curriculum for the NAR required Ethics course. In day-to-day real estate transactions, real estate professionals are forced to make decisions that require ethical reasoning. This course explores the agent’s obligation to protect a client’s interest, plus looks at an agent’s duties with regard to advertising himself and a property. This must have guide serves as a blueprint for providing information on making ethical decisions regarding pricing, offers and ads.

Leading and Communicating Effectively – $29.99

Do you know how to influence, transform and inspire others? This course is packed with powerful information and ideas to help you improve your leadership skills! Explore different types of authority … examine ways to build a company image and reputation … discover the most effective communication styles … find out the essential elements of developing a policies and procedures manual. If you want to build your leadership role, this groundbreaking course is for you!!!

Ant-Discrimination Laws – $29.99

Examine fair housing laws from a historical perspective, residential segregation, the Federal Fair Housing Act, familial status discrimination, developing reasonable occupancy standards, the definition of “handicap”, NAR positions on AIDS disclosure and more!

The Three M’s of Hazard: Marijuana, Meth and Mold – $29.99

This course is an overview of environmental hazards that can impact a property with an emphasis on the impacts created through mold contamination, marijuana cultivation and growing operations and methamphetamine labs/production. This course describes the environmental hazards that can pose a real threat to the health of individuals living in a property where they are frequently exposed to such dangers. The course primarily focuses on the risks, hazards and disclosures a real estate professional must address when selling or renting a property that has known contamination from mold, marijuana growing operation and methamphetamine production.

Investing in the Home: Estimating Value of Parts of the Home – $29.99

The purpose of this course is to educate real estate professionals on how different upgrades can effect the value of a home and how to better advise owners and investors about potential upgrades.

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Six CE Credit Hours Courses

Commercial Finance and Investment Analysis – $39.00

This course begins with the history of the savings and loan business and walks the student all the way up the commercial real estate industry’s financing practices today. Not only does this course cover the various types of commercial property financing, it takes a deep dive into teh characteristics of each. Additionally, this course covers the different approaches for investment evaluation including appraisal, property comparison, capitalization rates and the time value of money.

Commercial Leases – $39.00

This course offers the need-to-know information for the 3 major types of commercial leases: office, retail and industrial. Highlights include:

  • major negotiations points
  • how to determine rent based on formulas
  • technical concerns exclusive to industrial leases

Commercial Sales and Exchanges – $39.00

This course takes a deep dive into the particulars of the commercial contract, procedures for closing, and essential documentation for commercial sales. Additionally, this course contains insight into the requisites for and advantages of tax deferred exchanges.

Green Home Construction – $39.00

The prevalence of green home construction continues to expand in the United States. This course covers various topics in both sustainable design and green home construction including waste management, lot shopping, special safety applications, site work and building material choices.

Licensees as Principals – $39.00

This course is specifically designed to give you a full understanding of your role in real estate transactions. Know what your obligations are and what you need to know to fulfill them completely and correctly.

Management in a Brokerage Office – $39.00

Topics include:

  • budgeting
  • Business planning and forecasting
  • office finances
  • human resources

Starting a Successful Brokerage – $39.00

Ready to start you own brokerage business? This course is packed with essential information to help you get started and succeed! Explore how to develop a business plan, setting up your company’s management team, and marketing and advertising options. Identify costs involved in running a company. Starting a brokerage is a huge challenge .. and there are great rewards for those that do it right! Learn the vital skills, strategies and necessary steps for getting your company off to the right start.

Methods of Residential Finance – $39.00

A comprehensive overview of finance for residential real estate. This course touches on a multitude of topics including FHA, VA loans, assumptions, alternative financing, conventional financing and purchase money mortgages. This course also covers legislation in regard to financing.

Pricing Property to Sell – $39.00

This course is designed to help the student better understand the concepts of pricing property, approaches to pricing property, principles of value, replacement cost value and the application of market data.

Property Management – $39.00

An introduction into property management. This course helps the student understand various types of rental agreements and tenancies while also defining key terms. Students will learn how to handle subletting, security deposits, rental agreements assignment, trust accounts, rental agreement terminations and trust funds.

Property Valuation: Income Capitalization Overview – $39.00

This course dives into how to estimate rates of capitalization as well as income and expenses. Highlights include coverage of yield capitalization and direct capitalization as well as multiple examples designed specifically to help students better absorb and fully comprehend the material covered.

Property Valuation: Cost Approach Overview – $39.00

Using a hands-on approach to understanding valuation of a property from a cost approach standpoint. This course helps students learn by walking through various examples as the study material progresses. This course focuses on the various methods for estimating cost as well as calculating depreciation.

Property Valuation: Sales Comparison Approach – $39.00

This course takes a step-by-step look at the sales comparison approach. This course covers the process for data elections as well as different ways that adjustments can be estimated. Example problems help students to better retain and apply the information.

Structuring Ownership in Commercial Real Estate – $39.00

This course breaks down in detail the different types of property ownership that are mainly unique to commercial real estate. The topics of each included are taxes, set-up, regulations, liability, management, benefits and drawbacks.

Tax Advantages of Home Ownership – $39.00

This course gives the student insight into different kinds of homeowner benefits and also teaches how to calculate taxes that can aflect teh purchase of a home.

Writing Contracts – $39.00

Topics included are legal descriptions, help with the wording for the method of payment sections, special stipulations, how to present offers and also problems for which the agent and broker should be on the lookout for.

Eight CE Credit Hours Courses

Niche Marketing – $59.00

This course discusses different types of niche markets, the legalities of working with and advertising to these groups and the technology and methodology to do so. The course covers marketing best practices, tech marketing tools, social media platforms and ways to market to specific niches. The course also explains the special considerations that are appealing to certain niches, including green building techniques, features and amenities. For each niche, the course describes where the niche resides in the real estate landscape, the benefits of obtaining professional designations and certifications and considerations based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Nine CE Credit Hours Courses

Understanding Closing Statements – $59.00

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Settlement Statement is very intensive and complicated. This course walks students through its completion in detail. Students will enjoy the discussion of different calculations needed to properly complete the form accurately.

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Individual CE Courses - Group 2

Georgia Mandatory License Law – $19.00

*This course fulfills the mandatory GREC License Law Continuing Education Course. *

The purpose of Georgia’s licensing law is simple. It exists to protect the public from incompetent, dishonest
licensees, to establish minimum standards for the licensing of brokers and salespersons, to establish and uphold
high standards within the profession, and to ensure that the profession allows healthy and fair competition for its

This 3-hour course covers the following topics:

  • License status as it relates to prohibited conduct
  • Requirements when transferring a license from one brokerage firm to another brokerage firm
  • Trust/Escrow account management requirements
  • Unfair trade practices and violations, including advertising
  • Brokerage relationships and their agreements
  • Management responsibilities of real estate firms
  • Rules and regulations for advertising
  • Proper handling of real estate transactions
  • Licensees acting as principals

Advocating for Short Sale Clients – $19.00

Tactics that work with motivated, excited sellers don’t always translate well when working with short sale sellers and short sale buyers. Toss lender approvals, junior lien holders, and inflexible timelines into the mix and you end up with a whole new ball game. In a short sale transaction, the motivation for each party is different than the standard transaction, and as the professional handling the transaction, you need to adjust accordingly.  

This 3-hour course teaches:

  • How to interact with short sale sellers and help them through a tough process while diligently advocating on their behalf
  • How to figure out an appropriate listing price
  • How to negotiate with the lender’s representative
  • How to sort through debt settlement terminology and carry the transaction through to closing
  • How to interact with short sale buyers and help them through a tough process while diligently advocating on their behalf
  • How to take additional cautions, considerations and fraud prevention tactics when advocating on behalf of these deal seeking buyers

Breaking Barriers – $19.00

Fair Housing law presents an ever-changing landscape as new forms of discrimination reach legislative awareness. Licensees have a responsibility to stay informed to ensure compliance with federal, state and local fair housing laws.

This 3-hour course reviews the evolution of fair housing law and look at new and proposed fair housing protections.

Course Highlights:

  • An analysis of the benefits of fair housing compliance
  • A review of regulatory changes relating to fair housing
  • A primer on how to ensure fair housing compliance in advertising
  • How sexual orientation and criminal record screening apply to fair housing
  • Two proposed additions to the list of seven federally protected classes
  • A deep look at the protected class most often names in fair housing complaints: Disability
  • How service animals, emotional support animals, hoarding, drug addiction, obesity, smoking and alcoholism relate to fair housing

Code of Ethics: Good for Your Clients and Your Business – $19.00

*This course meets the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training requirement. *

A solid ethical foundation is an essential part of any good business practice. That’s why the National Association of REALTORS® asks its member to follow its Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. This Code consists of 17 Articles along with supporting Standards of Practice.

This 3-hour course reviews each Article, highlighting pertinent changes, and offers important takeaway points you can apply to your day-to-day business dealings to ensure you’re always ethical in business practices.

Course Highlights:

  • A review of recent revisions and additions to the Code of Ethics
  • Tips for applying the Code’s principles and guidelines to your practice
  • A discussion on the benefits of mediation

Diversity: Your Kaleidoscope of Clients – $19.00

The real estate market reflects the diverse population in the U.S., and the successful real estate professional understands and adapts to diverse client needs.

This 3-hour course will enable you to serve your clients in a nondiscriminatory manner and help them understand fair housing protections that may apply.

Course highlights:

  • The newest fair housing guidelines relating to criminal background screening, reasonable accommodation for assistance animals and hoarding
  • A look at the socioeconomic impact of discriminatory practices in housing
  • An online test to check you own inherent bias
  • A look at the court case that led to sexual orientation and gender identity being afforded federal fair housing protection
  • Resources that will help you identify and better serve the diverse populations within your market place
  • Two proposed additions to the seven federally protected classes

Foundation of Real Estate Finance – $35.00  

The financing of a home is as integral to real estate transactions as finding the home itself. It is beneficial for you to have a clear understanding of the entire financing process.

This 6-hour course will help you to gain a better understanding of the changes the mortgage market has experienced over the years.

Course highlights:

  • Explanation of the roles and regulations of FNMA, GNMA, FHLMC, FHA and VA
  • Information about HAFA and Making Home Affordable
  • Affordability Worksheet – to assist clients in calculating their maximum affordable purchase price
  • Home buyer Do’s and Don’ts flyer with tips for clients
  • Instructions on calculating LTV, front-end and back-end ratios, and monthly mortgage payments  
  • Details and qualification requirements for several popular financing options

Going Green: The Environmental Movement in Real Estate – $19.00

The effects of the trend to “go green” are now becoming increasingly visible in the real estate market. This means that it is crucial for you, as an industry professional, to have a thorough understanding of green home qualifications, eco-friendly remodeling possibilities and energy efficient technologies.

This 3-hour course provides you with the information you need to successfully guide your more eco- minded clients. Whether you are helping a buyer find a newly constructed green home or advising a seller on green remodeling efforts to improve a listing, you will be able to provide your clients with the support they need.

Course highlights:

  • An overview of green footprints, sustainability and the environmental effects of energy efficient homes
  • Information on green renovation options, such as the use of renewable flooring, tubular skylights and xeriscaping
  • Details about green property requirements, as outlined by the National Association of Home Builders
  • Details on programs, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) and Energy Star  
  • Statistics on the cost-saving benefits of green remodeling efforts and energy-efficient technology and appliances
  • Tips for inexpensive, yet effective green makeovers that make houses more appealing to eco-conscious buyers

Keeping it Honest: Understanding Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud – $19.00

Real Estate is not stranger to the white-collar criminal, as fraud has become a major issue in the industry. Many lawbreakers use real estate as a vehicle to steal the life savings of unsuspecting homeowners and defraud lenders out of million dollars for their own gain. Federal, state and local governments have taken steps to combat real estate fraud but it remains a major problem AND you need to have a solid understanding to ensure you are able to shield your clients and yourself from being defrauded and unknowingly committing fraud.    

This 3-hour course has been updated to discuss the latest fraudulent schemes and explain recent government initiatives aimed at stopping fraud and protecting consumers.

Course highlights:

  • An overview of fraud and its impact on the real estate industry
  • An examination of the newest and most prevalent types of fraudulent schemes
  • A detailed description of red flag behaviors that suggest someone is engaging in fraud
  • Recommendations on how to report fraudulent or suspected fraudulent activities to the proper authorities
  • An analysis of key government initiatives aimed at stopping fraud and protecting consumers

Marketing, Advertising and Social Media Compliance – $19.00

The internet is rich with promotional opportunities. Whether it’s a post on Facebook or a tweet linking to your new listing, whether it’s a status update on LinkedIn, a virtual home tour on YouTube, or a photo collage on Pinterest, there are plenty of different ways to promote your professionalism, highlight your expertise, increase your connections and showcase your listings.

This 3-hour course looks at how you can use the unique advertising and marketing opportunities now available through social media to better serve your clients and customers, and further promote your own brand.

Course highlights:

  • An overview of how consumers – and agents and agencies – are using social media and how this impacting the real estate industry
  • A look at how various social media platforms differ and how to select the ones that are best for you and your needs
  • A detailed discussion of how to use various social media platforms – including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest – to promote your business and better serve your clients and consumers
  • Tips for creating an online marketing strategy
  • A review of legal and ethical issues surrounding online marketing
  • A discussion of copyright law, trademarks and public domain content
  • Tips for avoiding common social media missteps

Personal Safety – $19.00

Attacks on real estate professional have made headlines at an alarmingly more frequent rate in recent years. While the newsprint is still wet and the internet is on fire with these shocking stories, everyone vows to do better and the topic of safety is pushed to the front of training schedules – but then complacency sets in one again. That is something criminals count on.

This 3-hour course reviews studies and statistics that are somewhat unique to the real estate profession, and the methods and practices that best promote personal safety.

Course highlights:

  • Key findings from crime statistics and studied that challenge preconceived notions
  • Risk factors and vulnerabilities that are mostly unique to real estate professionals
  • Review of select case studies to illustrate how criminals create opportunities for crime
  • Honing your early warning system and trusting when something feel “off”
  • Best practices and procedures to adopt, providing a consistent system used with everyone

Preparing a Market Analysis: Best Practices – $19.00

Perhaps no task is more important than preparing a professional comparative market analysis. Whether for a buyer or seller, the CMA when properly done, can mean thousands of dollars in their pockets and make a difference between a successful sale and an unsuccessful fail. Because it is such a well-worn tool, it’s tempting for a licensee to get complacent with the CMA and “phone it in”.  Do not be that licensee!

This 3-hour course covers the how-tos of a professionally researched and presented comparative market analysis.

Course highlights:

  • The three-step approach to market analyses: the market, the property and the numbers
  • Sources for subject property data and market data
  • Using expired and active listings in inform pricing strategy
  • How to prioritize criteria when selecting comparables
  • How to adjust and homogenize selected comparables
  • How to weight selected comparables when selecting a list price range

Residential Property Management Essentials – $19.00

For many real estate professionals, property management is a natural extension of their expertise. Whether you are thinking about taking on your first property or looking to grow your property management business, there are a number of important matters to keep in mind.

This 3-hour course provides real estate licensees with a solid understanding of pertinent property management issues by exploring the role of the property manager, common tenant issues you are likely to encounter and crucial federal laws that every property manager needs to understand.

Course highlights:

  • An overview of property management contracts
  • A look at property types and points to consider when selecting properties
  • Tips for building a successful working relationship with property owners
  • A review of basic landlord and tenant obligations
  • Tips for screening and retaining tenants
  • A look at informal rental agreements and the risks involved
  • Tips for dealing with delinquent tenants
  • An overview of key laws, including federal fair housing guidelines and exemptions

Road Map to Success – Business Planning for Real Estate Professionals – $25

More than 80% of real estate licensees leave the business within the first two years, primarily due to a lack of understanding of what it takes to succeed. Of those who stay, very few earn a lucrative living at it. Do not be that licensee. Whether you are just launching your business or you think it is time to re-calibrate, this course will give you the tools to build your career on a solid foundation, one that lets you know what you need to do today, this week, this month, this quarter and this year to execute your well-considered business plan.

This 4-hour course will show you how to take stock, create a vision and gather the tools necessary to achieve that vision so you can create a professional, exemplary, referral-driven business that serves clients needs and exceeds client expectations.

Course highlights:

  • A Business Plan Worksheet that will help you reflect on accomplishments and focus on goals for the future
  • Helpful ideas for defining one’s real estate business, vision statement and mission statement
  • Details about identifying strengths and weaknesses, and setting realistic, attainable goals
  • An editable, customizable Business Plan Template
  • How to calculate the action steps needed to achieve productivity goals    

Selling to Your Sphere of Influence – $19.00

While most real estate agents agree that referrals are fundamental to success, the majority of agents are still beating the streets in hopes of attracting business from strangers. The Sphere of Influence approach to building your real estate business is based on nurturing relationships within your circle of friends, family, past clients, neighbors and acquaintances.

This 3-hour course helps you turn your acquaintances into your biggest advocates through respectful, non-intrusive methods.

Course highlights:

  • Tips to ensure you are presenting a professional, enthusiastic image to your Sphere of Influence
  • Suggestions on planning and implementing an ongoing SOI strategy
  • Strategies on building and maintaining a contact database
  • Ideas you can use in writing effective reconnection letters
  • Things to keep in mind when pursuing and accepting referrals from family and friends

Code of Ethics in Action: Real-Life Applications – $19

*This course meets the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training requirement. *

As a real estate professional, you are likely to encounter ethical dilemmas as you go about your daily business. That is why the National Association of REALTORS® provides its members with a regularly updated Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. The Code consists of 17 Articles and supporting Standards of Practice that provide ethical principles for dealing with clients and customers, the pubic at large, and other REALTORS®. Of course, knowing those guidelines and understanding how to efficiently put them into practice can be two different matters.

This 3-hour course will review each Article, gain insight into recent changes, and discover important takeaway points you can apply to your day-to-day business dealings to ensure you are always ethical in your business practices. You will also walk through real-life scenarios designed to honed your ethical instincts.

Course highlights:

  • Review of recent revisions and additions to the Code of Ethics
  • Tips for applying the Code’s principles and guidelines to your practice
  • A discussion on the benefits of mediation
  • Activities and examples to illustrate the practical application of the new information and frame it in everyday context

Technology Tools, Trends and Risk Management – $19.00

Technology is a tool. Used wisely, it can free up time usually spent on mundane tasks to allow licensees to work at a higher touch level and a higher level of client service. Used poorly, it can alienate clients and even put them and the agent’s reputation at risk.

Clients and prospective clients are using it. They want their real estate professional to be accessible and tech-savvy on their behalf. The real industry is changing and technology is a big driver of that change.  

This 3-hour course helps real estate professionals make technology the servant, not the master, and reinforces the putting client relationships first in the push to provide cutting edge tools and services.

Course highlights:

  • An overview of technology tools to enhance service to sellers, including drones, live streaming, single-property sites and speaking photos and ways to minimize risks involved in their use
  • How to use technology to secure buyer representation agreements, assist buyers with financing qualifications, and pre-showing data to help them make informed purchasing and financing decisions
  • Technological advances in transaction management, including document sharing, electronic signatures, cloud storage, and photo, document and email organization software and identify risk management safeguards for online data storage and transaction management
  • How to keep online data secure
  • Technology tools real estate licensees can use now to provide enhanced client service, and emerging trends to watch for  

Title and Escrow: Two Families, One Transaction – $25

In a race, you do not finish unless you cross the finish line. A real estate transaction can be similar. All the hard work, the showings, the negotiations, the contracts and the communications are all part of the race. The final step, finish line, comes at the closing. The signing of all the documents and transferring of ownership from one person to another comes at the finish line.

This 4-hour course highlights:

  • Details that will help you protect ownership rights and understand liens, encumbrances and title insurance
  • A list of the four basic rights of owning and possessing property and explanations of how these rights impact property owners
  • Characteristics of a valid deed and descriptions of grant deeds, warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds, tax deeds, gift deeds and deeds in lieu of foreclosure
  • Items included on a full title report, an ownership and encumbrance property report, a legal and vesting report, and a land title report
  • Details about items covered by the lender’s title insurance policy and those covered by the borrower’s title policy
  • An explanation of the contents of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement   

Working with Real Estate Investors: Understanding Investor Strategies – $19.00

Unlike traditional home buyers, real estate investors enter the market to make money. By understanding the trends that influence the investment market and taking the time to learn about individual motivators and criteria, you will be in a better position to help your clients navigate this unique and dynamic market.

This 3-hour course will examine key investment strategies and look at how those strategies shape short-term and long-term investment objectives. The course also will review the distinct liabilities and rewards you may encounter when working with investor clients.

Course highlights:

  • A detailed discussion of the pros and cons of working with investor clients
  • An overview of various short-term and long-term acquisition strategies investors may utilize
  • A Criteria Worksheet handout to help you better understand your investor clients and their objectives
  • A look at common networking and lead generation strategies employed by investors
  • Tips to help you identify and reduce your exposure to risk when working with investor clients
  • A review of the duties and responsibilities you owe to real estate investor clients
  • Advice for becoming a real estate investor yourself, including legal landmines to guard against



Anatomy of Commercial Building – $19.00

When licensees represent clients in a commercial transaction, whether marketing the building or assisting in the purchase, knowledge of the building’s structure and systems is vital. A building is comprised of its architectural features and its MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems.

This 3-hour course highlights:

  • A foundational understanding of foundations! Including footings and how they work with foundations to form a system, design concerns of foundations including soil conditions, water tables and live and dead loads
  • Design considerations for roofs, walls, windows and doors
  • An overview of HVAC types and considerations including cost, efficiency and varying tenant needs
  • A look at electrical, lighting, controls, fire and security alarms and how they differ by building use and tenant need
  • How external conditions can impact building design, occupancy, and parking, including zoning and code location, topography and environmental factors   

Investment Strategies in Commercial Real Estate – $19.00

Commercial real estate investors have two goals: generate cash flow and produce higher returns. However, unlike other investment types, investing in commercial property is not simply a matter of buying at one price and selling for more. Commercial real estate must be considered in terms of risks and rewards of the type of commercial property, income during the investment period, the investor’s own situation, and how value and return are impacted by the economic, market, tax and legal conditions (particularly zoning) for the market niche.

This 3-hour course presents an overview of the factors impacting value and investment potential of commercial properties, gives licensees a solid understanding of the financial aspects of commercial real estate investment and better prepares then to provide professional guidance to their commercial real estate clients when evaluating investment properties for purchase or sale.

Course highlights:

  • The six main categories of commercial properties and their specific challenges and opportunities for investors
  • A definition of transit-oriented communities and why they are a growing type of mixed-use development
  • How zoning, building codes, title issues and the Americans with Disabilities Act impact commercial property development and investment potential
  • How licensees can use financial analysis and individual investor profiles to assist clients in analyzing commercial properties for purchase and sale   

The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate – $19.00

If you’re an experienced residential licensee, a few of the fundamentals of commercial real estate will be familiar to you—the importance of location, for example. In many other regards, commercial differs sharply from residential real estate. You’ll be working with executives, investors, and business owners in commercial real estate, individuals whose focus is squarely on the bottom line.

Equipped with the information and advice found in this course, you’ll be well-prepared to grasp the more complex aspects of commercial real estate as you gain more experience in the industry.

This 3-hour course provides a solid foundation for your understanding of commercial real estate. The course covers the need-to-know information on a broad range of commercial topics.

Course highlights include:

  • Definitions of key terms and concepts that apply to commercial real estate.
  • A detailed explanation of how to identify and meet the various needs of your commercial real estate clients.
  • An analysis of the main differences between commercial and residential real estate sales.
  • An overview of the most common valuation methods for real estate and businesses.
  • Tips on gathering the demographic and location-related details that clients need to make well-informed decisions.


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CE Course Packages

36 Hour CE Package: Commercial Real Estate Topics – $129.00

Commercial Real Estate is drastically different than the residential real estate market. This 7 course/ 36 hour package is designed for agents who work in the commercial real estate market or agents who work in the residential real estate market but want to expand their expertise in understanding of the commercial real estate market. Courses included:

  • Commercial Leases (6 hours)
  • Commercial Finance and Investment Analysis (6 hours)
  • Commercial Sales and Exchanges (6 hours)
  • Structuring Ownership in Commercial Real Estate (6 hours)
  • Property Management (6 hours)
  • Federal Law in Commercial Real Estate (3 hours)
  • Georgia License Law Core Course (3 hours) – This is the mandatory license law course required by the Georgia Real Estate Commission for all agents and brokers as of July 1, 2016

36 Hour CE Package: Mastering Your Career – $129.00

Put yourself on the path for real success in your career! Designed specifically for newer agents who would like a refresher on the necessary fundamentals. Strengthen your real estate education foundation! Courses included:

  • Pricing Property to Sell (6 hours)
  • Licensee as principal (6 hours)
  • Tax Advantages of Home Ownership (6 hours)
  • Methods of Residential Finance (6 hours)
  • Understanding Closing Statements (9 hours)
  • Georgia License Law Core Course (3 hours) – This is the mandatory license law course required by the Georgia Real Estate Commission for all agents and brokers as of July 1, 2016

36 Hour CE Package: Green Topics – $129.00

Thinking about “going green?” Do you have clients that want “green?” Then this package is for you. Courses included:

  • Pricing Property to Sell (6 hours)
  • Writing Contracts (6 hours)
  • Tax Advantages of Home Ownership (6 hours)
  • Methods of Residential Ownership (6 hours)
  • Green Home Construction (6 hours)
  • Environmental Hazards Disclosure (3 hours)
  • Georgia License Law Core Course (3 hours) – This is the mandatory license law course required by the Georgia Real Estate Commission for all agents and brokers as of July 1, 2016.

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