Real Estate Broker Prelicense Classroom

Classroom Broker Pre-license Course

Have you been thinking about:

  • starting your own real estate brokerage firm, or

  • managing an existing brokerage firm, or

  • just want to upgrade your license to the next level

If you have been licensed as a salesperson for at least 3 years of the last five years, you are eligible to take the Broker Pre-license Course!!!!

This course provides the 60 hours of real estate instruction all broker applicants in Georgia are required to complete. Topics include real estate agency, contracts, freehold and leasehold estates, property management, finance, government regulations and private restrictions, description and measurement of land, valuation, conveyance, calculations, ethical behavior, and Georgia laws and rules.
In addition to preparing learners for Georgia broker licensing exam it also provides practice with both the multiple choice and simulation question types found on the broker licensing exam. Proctored final exam required to complete the course.

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